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After logging in Trakti you will be welcomed by a message and a wizard that will guide you to a step by step procedure for setting up correctly your account.

The first phase is about setting up your User Account; that is your personal user identity on Trakti.

The second phase is about setting up your Business Profile.

Trakti is a business app, the system requires you to identify as a business entity. You have one free Business Profile for each User Account. You can set it up for your own usage or for your company.

In case you are a sole trader or a consumer, no problem at all, you can still use Trakti but you have to list your name and surname as the company name.

In the Account settings you can set up:

  • your Avatar (or Account picture),
  • your Name and Surname,
  • your Language preference (extremely important to visualise the platform and to receive the notifications in your preferred language),
  • your Time zone, that is very important to correctly set the deadlines of all your deals and contracts,
  • your Passwords, that you can find in another tab, and the possibility to change those,
  • finally, in another tab, all the Business Profiles connected to your account.

A User Account can have multiple Business Profiles since a person can have different roles in different organisations. The Business Profiles can be created by the same account, by acquiring several subscriptions on our platform (see How to add a new Business Profile), or by different Business Profiles that will connect your personal account to their Business Profile by inviting you with the same email you have used to register.

Following a short video explaining the initial set-up procedure.

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