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During negotiation, you and your counterparty can select and change signatories anytime.

  • If the deal is under negotiation you have to enter in the deal and click on the Select an action button, then choose Re-negotiate from the dropdown menu and click on Complete. A popup will ask you if you are sure, click on Yes. In case you are not able to edit the contract please select Ask for change from the dropdown menu and let the counterparty know through a message what you want to be changed.

if the deal is pending signature all you have to do is enter the deal and click on the pen icon next to the signers.

Now you can edit the contract's template. Click on the Add signers section under the forms that have to be filled in.

This will open up the editing mode of the deal that will give you the possibility to change signer with one of the team members you have registered in Trakti.

You and your counter party can also add a signatory that is not part of your team. In that case the system will ask you to specify:

  • Name,
  • Last Name,
  • e-mail and
  • Job title.

In case you add a signer that is not your team member please remember that you have to first Add new signer and then select him/her from the signature dropdown menu.

After selecting the different signer you have to save and confirm the choice. This will change the signer.

The system will notify the signer only when the agreement is reached among the parties and he/she has to sign the contract.

If it is already your company's turn to sign the new signer will be notified with an email containing the Secure Code / OTP that has to be included in the signature field.

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