How to monitor tracking change with "Trak"


Last Update 2 years ago

The functionality of "Trak" enables execution and monitoring of a contract. You can create and manage order, payment and task connected to a contract using this functionality. You can divide a Trak into multiple "sub-traks", assign to a team member or the counterparty with a deadline (optional). Not only that, but you can also define a checklist and report progress of the "Trak".

It also supports an approval process for the completion of a trak if there is an approver is set for the "Trak". In the approval process, the user can accept, reject, and ask to resubmit the "Trak".

Traks can be manually created or automatically generated if configured in the contract model.

Steps to add "Trak":

1. Click on the "+" icon beside "Trak" in a contract:

2.Fill all the fields and select "Trak" type.

3.Select "Assignee" and add checklist (optional).

4.Click "Save".

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