Importing a clause


Last Update 2 years ago

A clause is a particular part of a written legal document. It may also have subclauses. You can add clause as statement or import clause from your existing clause model. 

A clause can have a primary template and an alternative template. Alternative template is optional.

Now you can add a reusable clause and later use it in future models for ease of clause using.

Steps for publishing clause:

1. Navigate to contract model page.

2. Click "Clause" header.

3. Click on the "Add clause" button.

4. Give a "Title" and "Category" to your clause.

5. Check the “Active” checkbox.

6. After adding description to the clause, the user should click "Add".

7. Enter Template "name" and "description".

8. Click "Add".

9. Click "Actions", and later select "Publish".

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