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Last Update 2 years ago

You can add order in a contract model specifying fields such as “Quantity” , “Name” , “unit price” , "Vat”, “Discount” etc. 

Multiple order can be added for one contract model.

Steps to add order:

1. Navigate to the "contract model creation tab".

2. Right click on mouse in the template.

3. Click "Add" and select "Order".

4. Add an order label. 

For enabling blockchain, tick on"Enable blockchain".

For enabling Trak of order, tick on "Generate Trak".

5. Select the "Source" if you want to autocomplete/Suggest order items. The "SubTotal" and "Grand total" will be auto calculated.

6. There are some predefined columns. New Columns can be added clicking "+" button. After customization, click "Save Changes" and the order will be added.

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