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Welcome to the new design of Trakti!

We couldn't be more excited to finally official announcement this new version of Trakti. Over the last year, Trakti team have been working incredibly hard on a new version for the platform that embraces the need of users.

We started from scratch to build a faster, simpler, more powerful version of Trakti. This massive update contains a few improvements and new features, like contract cancellation, the possibility to filter negotiations by date, the massive import of contracts and much more that you will discover below. 

A new look for Trakti

The most important change that took place in this version concerns the design of the platform. We decided to update our brand with new colours, a new logo and a new layout of Trakti in line with the needs of users.

The primary objective is to make Trakti even simpler, improve usability even more and make the platform functional to the processes of companies that choose this tool for the management of their contracts.

To achieve this, we engaged our customers and collected a lot of feedback on using the previous version to implement this new, user-centric design.

The update of the platform user interface accompanies a new phase for Trakti that we wanted to announce with the creation of a new logo symbol of a future in the future for Trakti.

A new visual identity and a new interface design reflect our mission: deals made easy: to make the contract negotiation phase even easier. 

New features

A new design of the negotiation detail page

The most important change in Trakti's design concerns the sidebar in the details of the negotiation. Thanks to this component, you can now manage everything in one place.

You can manage all the tasks related to your team, you can send messages or write your own internal notes. In the team section you have the possibility to view and invite collaborators, counterparties and / or reviewers to your negotiation, as well as view the signatories.

The left area is where you receive feedback on the status of the deal and where the system will ask you to evaluate offers/counter-offers and view, download or sign agreements.

Now you can “terminate” your contract 

An important new action of Trakti inserted within the negotiation section is the possibility of terminating one's contract.

Termination of the contract refers to the interruption of the relationship between the parties before its natural expiry.

You have the option to decide to terminate the contract, subject to the following termination criteria, defined above in the contract modelling: based on a notice period, at any time before renewal, based on automatic acceptance and based on manual acceptance, the latter available as an action in the negotiation details view. 

Thanks to the stepper, you can easily move from negotiation to contract

The most important change concerns the stepper placed on the negotiation and contract details page. Thanks to this component, you can now go from negotiation to contract by clicking on the point of the stepper you want to reach.

Traditional signature without OTP code

When creating the deal, in the signature configuration section, you now have an extra option: the ability to traditionally sign your contract after printing it, without the need for additional authentication with OTP code.

Import all your contracts with one click

We have introduced the possibility of importing contracts via batch files. In the contracts section, you will see the import button in the 'Import Batch Contract' menu. You will need to define a data file (csv/excel) and a zip file. The system will get the columns from the csv file and give you the ability to map the columns with Trakti template fields. Contracts will be visible in the "Import" tab in the "Settings" section of your account.

Preview the PDF
Now you can preview your PDF before you downloaded or uploaded it in with traditional signature.


With the new version of Trakti, we are pleased to announce not only the introduction of new features, but also a number of improvements made to existing features. We have focused on the satisfaction of our users, implementing some of the most frequent requests, and we have worked hard to make the experience of using Trakti even more intuitive and efficient.

1. Pay your subscriptions with PayPal

You can now complete payments using Trakti's integration with PayPal, the most popular digital payment and money transfer service via the Internet. In this way, you can proceed with the payment and execute the contracted transactions directly following a single flow within the platform. Simply enter your PayPal account details in Trakti's Integrations section and pay with ease.

2. Evolution of payment functionality within Traks.

We have created a new concept and improved the way this phase is handled within the platform. Now, for example, you can set the start and end dates and make repeated payments. This is an improvement over the previous function, as previously the user could only make one payment.

3. Your search will be even easier: filter by date your deals

Search for your deals quickly and easily by filtering by the date of creation of the agreement.

4. Currency update

We have updated the list of currencies with all international currencies of ISO 4217 codes.

5. Enable/disable guest member

Now you can easily enable or disable your guests from all the deals they are part of through the settings in the "Team" section.

Our new features are be available from March 1st on our platform.

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