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It's easy to embed signatures in your Contract models and automate the signature process with Trakti Signature module.

You can have multiple signatories, sign inside the platform (with our signature pad) or offline downloading your contract in .Pdf format.

Trakti offers:

  • Traditional signature or Wet signature support and
  • Electronic Signature or eSignature support in compliance with the Electronic Identification and Trust Services Regulation (910/2014/EC), or eIDAS.
  • Digital Signature

In order to use the Signature functionality you have to:

  • Have a contract model that requires at least one signature from your side or from the counter party side.
  • Specify in the deal set-up the type of signature you want to support:
      1. No signature;
      2. eSignature;
      3. Traditional signature Wet signature.
      4. Digital Signature
After defining how to collect the signature the system will perform accordingly and will ask you and your counter party who will have to sign in case you reach an agreement. In case of competitive deals like RFQ/RFP, Auctions, the system will ask all participants, if the signature is activated, to identify the correct signatory, that can be changed anytime.
Then when an agreement is reached, Trakti will follow the procedure to collect the evidence and signatures of your contract.
Process your contracts’ signature online with the confidence that they will be secure when using Trakti double authentication procedure. Trakti sends authentication codes by email, to validate a signer’s identity before they sign and upload a contract in the platform.

In case of an Electronic Signature (eSignature) the signer has to copy the OTP code and has three possibilities to sign:

  • Draw signature 
  • Upload an image file containing the signature 
  • Type signature (just type from keyboard)

Independently from the choice, the signer has to check the boxes to be legally bound to the present contract, and finally can click on Sign. After all the signatures have been collected Trakti generates the final contract.

In case of a Traditional signature the first signer has to copy the OTP code andhas have to download, sign and upload the file with his/her signature.

The next person to sign will then check the file uploaded, download it and will add his/her signature to complete the procedure.

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