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Welcome back to Trakti's Academy!

During the Intermediate's course, we will go over the configuration and usage of business accounts and other concepts that will allow you to manage and run Trakti at its best.

Here is an overview of the topics you will learn to master.


Modules: 5

Module 1: Business profile setup and management

Module 2: Authorization

Module 3: Contacts

Module 4: Archiving

Module 5: Workgroups

In every module you will find a list of the topics that will be covered. Each topic when clicked opens a link to the guide to follow.

Business profile setup and managementSetting up your business profile
How to set up header and footer for your contracts
Adding a new company (Business profile)
Switching profile
Upgrading your profile
Notifications settings
AuthorizationOffer authorization
Contact model authorization
ContactsCreate a new contact
How to import LinkedIn contacts in Trakti
ArchivingArchiving and restoring a contract
Archiving and restoring a contract model
Archiving and restoring a deal
WorkgroupsHow to create and manage a new workgroup

So let's get started! Go to Module 1 >

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