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Welcome to Trakti's Academy!

This course has been developed to turn you into an expert Trakti user thanks to practical examples and guided tours through our platform.

Let's start!


Whether you are new to Trakti or you just need to refresh your memory this Academy will go over all the features, starting from the basics.


Modules: 17

  • Beginner: 6 Modules
  • Intermediate: 5 Modules
  • Advanced: 4 Modules
  • Expert: 2 Modules

Beginners course

During the Beginner's course, we will go over the basic concepts that will allow you to create, run and manage a deal.

Here is an overview of the topics you will learn to master.

Modules: 6

Module 1: Registration

Module 2: Team management

Module 3: Contract modelling

Module 4: Join and negotiate a deal

Module 5: Review

Module 6: Signature

In every module you will find a list of the topics that will be covered. Each topic when clicked opens a link to the guide to follow.

Account setup
Where is what
Team managementAdding a team member
Editing a team member
Contract modellingCreating a new contract model
Variable types, groups and usage
Importing a Microsoft word template
Contract model authorization
Create a new version of your contract model
Importing a contract to Trakti
Join and negotiate a dealDeal types explanation
Deal, contracting procedure
How to join and negotiate a deal
Negotiation process
Fill and sign a contract with Trakti (for external users)
ReviewAsking for review
Reviewers configuration
Reviewing an offer
Creating a new review template
SignatureConfiguring signature permission
Adding signatures in a contract model
Signature types and settings
Signing an agreement
Changing signer
Configuring signature in a deal

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