Can I set visibility criteria for my deals?


Last Update 3 years ago

Your deals, both Termsheet and Contract types, offer visibility settings. Deals can be configured as:

  • Invitation only (Private),
  • Restricted,
  • Open (Public).

Invitation only deals are visible only to users that you invite using the invitation tab during set-up or after the deal has been published.

Restricted and Open deals are visibile to anyone with the link or to all people that have visibility of your widgets or your social posts, even casual non-registered Internet users.

The difference between Restricted and Open deals is related to the admission process. When creating a deal if you select Restricted, you can pre screen any user that requests to join (check their profile and public info), before you admit them into the deal and they can make any offers.

To admit them to the deal you need to visit the Participant tab in the deal dashboard and accept their request. Then the participant will receive an approval message and can check all the requirements, offer structure and other info related to the deal.


In case you have confidential info that you would like to share only after T&C approval (eg. Confidential Attachments) then add those info in the requirements fields of your deal (e.g Create an attachment variable that you can populate during the setup of the deal).

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